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High School Athlete

Build your teens Fitness & Mental Fortitude with our High School Athlete training program. Designed to develope high levels of Strength, Speed, Power & Athleticism while reducing the risk of injury through our Strength & Conditioning Program. Get them running faster, cutting harder & dominating their competition on and off the field! 

What you'll get when you sign up!

- Develop your kids overall athleticism with high level plyometric progressions, advanced speed training & cutting edge change of direction and agility training


- Build their confidence and instill a growth mindset to have them performing at their best on and off the field. Each training session has a built in mindset technique to develop their mental strength

- Increase their overall strength utilizing our elite training methods guaranteed to give your student athlete the edge they need

- Stay in the game with our injury reduction protocol designed to optimize mobility, flexibility, increase their mind body connection. Keep them healthy & decrease the risk of injury

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