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Ascend with Us

Ascend Athletics is designed for those who are hungry to become more. For those who want to become the best version of themselves.

The vision of this brand is to "Raise the vibration of the world." It's about creating a healthy & successful lifestyle that will spread far beyond the world of  fitness and athletics. We equip you with the physical, mental & emotional fitness to conquer any thing that life throws your way. 

This is not your ordinary fitness brand. Ascend athletics is a way of life.

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Jeremy Kaplan

Founder & CEO

Jeremy is a strength & conditioning specialist and the founder and CEO of Ascend Athletics. Ascend is a fitness lifestyle brand built to “raise the vibration of the world” through a holistic fitness approach. Jeremy created this training system to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness of those who work with him. 


Jeremy is a student of the game and has created a robust training system pulling from his experience and knowledge of 7+ years in the industry.

Jeremy has worked with all different ages & abilities as well as a wide range of modalities. He excels with Athletes, Weight Loss Clients, Online Coaching, Fascial Stretch Therapy & Stick Mobility.

Joel Gomez

Strength Coach

Joel Gomez has been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years. Throughout that time he developed and grew his body using specialized workouts and customized nutrition plans designed to achieve his fitness goals.


Joel has trained hundreds of clients and individuals of all backgrounds and in all stages in their fitness journey. He has worked with obese, diabetic, athletes and even people who had never worked out a day in their life.


His vision is to help inspire and motivate anyone who is looking to make a real noticeable change in their lives.

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