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Middle School Athlete

 Build your child's physical & mental strength!

This program is designed to get your kid stronger, faster, more explosive and  more powerful while building confidence and instilling a growth mindset. Our Middle School Athlete Program will build the foundation that your kid needs to be the best version of themself on and off the field!

What you get when you sign up! 

- Train with an elite coach and an age appropriate training program guaranteed to build a strong athletic base

- Increase strength, speed, power, vertical jump, explosiveness and mobility all while reducing the risk of injury

- Build in Mindset Training program to ensure that your kids is getting stonger mentally & building the confidence they need to excel

- Access to our specialty programs; Athletics Mobility & Vertimax class 

(only available with select packages)

- Receive an Official Ascend Athletics t-shirt upon signing up!

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